Minggu, 23 Oktober 2011

about Orange Caramel

Orange Caramel is a South Korean girl band under label of Pledis Entertainment. They debuted on 16 June 2010 with their title track, "Magic Girl". They also released a version of "Orange Caramel - The First Mini Album" in Taiwan. In the Taiwan version, they recorded a Mandarin version of "The Day You Went Away". he song is released as Special for Taiwan. Later in September, they released "Orange Caramel - The Second Mini Album" with their title track, "A~ing♡." They released Bangkok City on the 30th of March as part of the "One of Asia" project.. ”Orange Caramel will promote their new album for one month before rejoining their sisters in Japan, just in time for their second Japanese single, “Diva“. It’s being said that After School will kick-start their overseas promotions into high gear following Orange Caramel’s wrap-up of their Korean promotions.

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